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Parrot Safety

parrot standing on a tree

Parrots are wild birds. In the forests, they are in control of their surroundings. In captivity, they are helpless to determine whether their environment is safe for them to live in. Its our responsibility as their owners to make sure of that. We have to situate them in a place where they can live and grow happily and healthily with no threat to their well-being. Our pet parrots safety, therefore, is our concern and responsibility.

Parrot safety covers various aspects. It includes not only parrot-proofing our home to insure that our pets are not exposed to harm or danger but also insuring that their cages and sleeping quarters are kept clean at all times to protect them against various diseases.

In order to be able to properly protect our pet birds, we need to be able to identify the hazards that threaten their well-being.

Clip those wings!

No matter what other pet breeders may say, clipping your pet parrots flight feathers is the best way to insure his/her safety and well-being. There are hundreds of sad tales about pet parrots escaping through an open window and finding themselves too far away to come home. They end up being killed by ravens and other more aggressive species of wild birds.

They may also suddenly plunge into a hot boiling pot or smash against a glass door. Not a happy thought, all these can be prevented by simply clipping your pets wings to make sure they stay close to home.

Staying close to home though is not always safe for these poor animals either. It is important to keep in mind that birds that hop around the house among humans are likely to get hurt also if they hop around unnoticed. Never let your pet roam the house unattended therefore. Keep a watchful eye. Some birds like to cuddle and nestle under the throw pillows. If people are not aware that theyre hiding under these pillows they can sit on them and accidentally kill them.

Dont take them to the coal mine!

Coal miners used to take canaries with them to test for gas leaks because the canaries were known to die from the fumes way before they reached levels that were deadly to humans. Please dont let your parrots suffer a similar fate. You are not in a coal mine. Bear in mind that Teflon fumes, especially from non-stick cookware and other household appliances, are deadly to birds. Get rid of them for the sake of your dear pets. Also, avoid using scented aerosol sprays and other spray chemicals, scented oils, scented candles and anything using pine scents. These too are hazardous to your parrots health.

Avoid the draft!

Parrots are sensitive to draft. Situate your pets cage in a place where there is no draft. Draft is not simply cold air. It is a thread of cold air that cuts through warmer air thereby making your pet birds body temperature go haywire. Check windows and door openings for drafts. Do this a number of times especially when it is windy outdoors.

Toss the junk away!

Keeping your parrot healthy is also a way of keeping it safe. Avoid feeding it junk food like chocolates, coffee, or snacks that are high in salt like potato chips and the like. While consuming these foods is enjoyable for us humans, for birds, it may pose grave dangers as their bodies are not able to satisfactorily process excessive salt and caffeine.

You are the master of your fate and your pet birds too!

Be considerate to your pets and know that they are relying on you for their mental, emotional and physical well-being. Dont let them down. As the leader of the flock, it is your duty to keep their living environment safe. In return, they will reward you with their love and loyalty and a little cuddle during play times.