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Macaws as Pets

Two Macaws Parrots

Before you buy a macaw, make sure that it has legal documents. If you truly love this creature, you would not do anything to support the underground pet trade that threatens its existence. There are a few organizations that are authorized to breed, raise or sell these creatures, and it would be best to get your pet from there.

There are many species of macaws, and depending on their size and rarity, each commands a different price.

Macaws as Pets-Blue and Gold Macaw / Yellow Macaw

The most common macaws are the blue and gold macaw, and the yellow macaw. Their forehead and crown are a brilliant emerald green, which melts into a gorgeous blue. They have a black “beard” that extends down its neck, while its chest is a golden yellow. These birds are born with dark eyes, which lighten to an ice blue by the time they reach adulthood.

The blue and gold macaw and the yellow macaw adapt well to domesticity and actually enjoy interacting with humans. They are the most curious of the macaws, and are very eager to learn tricks. They are sold for $900 to $1,400.

Macaws as Pets-Scarlet Macaw / Red and Yellow Macaw

The scarlet macaw and the red and yellow macaw have a distinct fire-engine red color. They also have bright light blue and dark blue feathers. They are a little more aggressive than other macaws, and if maltreated when young, can grow up to be belligerent and even violent. They are not recommended for households with young children or other pet birds. They need to be treated with great care and sensitivity. Owners must be affectionate, yet firm about rules. A lot of time must go into early taming and training. However, in a loving environment, scarlet macaws can become fiercely loyal. The cost ranges from $1200-1600.

Macaws as Pets-Greenwing Macaw / Maroon Macaw / Red and Green Macaw / Red and Blue Macaw

These parrots have a dark red color, with green and blue wings. The green wing variety is often confused with the scarlet macaw; however the former has no yellow feathers. These are one of the largest—and loudest!—macaws. They are intelligent and can learn many tricks, including the ability to unlock their cages. They are priced at $1300 to 1800.

Macaws as Pets-Military Macaw

These parrots have olive green markings with a deep patch of red feathers on its head and black and red feathers on its cheeks. They also have blue and brownish red body and tail feathers.

Though not as colorful as other macaws, they are one of the best talkers and have one of the friendliest temperaments. They are usually sold for $800 to $1000

Macaws as Pets-Red fronts

Aside from their red foreheads and thighs, these parrots have sunset yellow, medium blue and green feathers. Their calls are the least annoying (lacking that sharp, screechy quality) and they are half the size of the other macaws. This makes them a very good choice for pets. They cost from $900 to 1200.

Macaws as Pets-Hyacinth Macaw

These are the most beautiful and most expensive parrots. They are pure blue with golden eye ring, and yellow crescent markings around the mouths that make them look like they’re smiling. Their wingspan is a stunning four feet.

They have the very unique diet, feeding mostly on seeds that are rich in fat—walnut, pecans, coconuts. They are one of the gentlest and most affectionate parrots.

Be prepared to spend, however—hyacinths cost anywhere from $8,000 to $12,000.