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All About Parrots

Parrots General Information and care

Parrots are one of the most colorful members of the entire bird kingdom. Some can be cute and cuddly while others command awe due to their majesty and elegance. However, one can only expect to have a good parrot companion if efforts are exerted to understand their needs and behavior.
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Choosing Your Parrot

There are a number of factors to consider whether one parrot species would be suitable to an individual. These are the cost, the level of commitment required, the acceptable noise level in the household, the space available, allowance for mess and destruction, the availability of required food, the level of socialization and the expectations of the owner with regards to the capabilities or characteristics of the pet.
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Parrots & Kids

Parrots are not for everyone. The selection of a pet entails a lot of consideration which have to be carefully weighed according to one’s limitations in the capability to provide the right care and attention. This has to be done in order to avoid being unfair to the bird as well as to the other members of the household who are expected to share in the responsibility, especially when the primary caretaker is unable to perform his/her duties.
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Buy or Adopt a Parrot

Obtaining a healthy and well-socialized bird is probably the most important aspect of bird ownership. It is a process that need not be rushed to avoid disappointment on the part of the owner and difficulty for the bird as well. A prospective bird owner has basically two options – to buy or to adopt.
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Parrot Behavior

Unlike our pet dogs and resident cats, the parrot is not a domesticated animal but a wild bird. As such, much of its behavior is determined by the manner by which it had existed in the wilds. However, parrots are also highly intelligent animals and with this intelligence comes a certain degree of sensitivity to respond to the kindness and attention of humans. Simply put, your pet parrots behavior is actually the product of both nature and nurture – the manner by which you, its human master, had developed its socialization skills.
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Health Risks For Humans

Just like with any kind of pet there are potential health risks associated with owning a parrot. These risks are more serious than getting pooped on or getting bit. The top two health risks for humans who have parrots for a pet or work with parrots are zoonosis and allergies.
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Health Risks For Your Parrot

As a parrot owner, you are responsible for keeping your pet parrots in good health. To be able to do this, you must understand that there are certain illnesses that may afflict your parrot. Knowing what these illnesses are and how to detect their symptoms will help you in keeping your pet parrots in the best of health.
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Allergy – a condition in which the body has an exaggerated response to a foreign substance; the response differs from person to person in its manifestation and magnitude of effect.
Avian specialist – a veterinarian whose specialty is birds.
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Parrot Links

Emergency Parrot Help
American Animal Hospital Association – good source for finding the animal nearest hospital
American Avian Veterinarian Association – good source for finding the nearest avian specialist

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Dog Breeds – Parrots Compatibility

If you have a pet dog at home and you’re planning to get a parrot, for instance, or the other way around, you need to make sure that you teach your canine to be friendly with the bird. It’s the dog that you should train well to not scare or attack the parrot especially since they will be living together in one home.
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Dog Training

Dogs have long been proven to be great companions at home. But they will only know how to behave properly when trained to do so and you need to start at an early age.
Owners then need to spend time to teach their dogs what’s right to do and what not to do. Patience and attention are very important traits you need to have to be successful in puppy training.
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