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Cockatiels-Care and Safety

Cockatiels Parrot picture

Birds require a lot of care and attention, and responsible pet owners should be aware of the kind of maintenance they require and be willing to provide it.

Cockatiels Care and Safety-Grooming

Birds need a regular bath (and those from humid areas, like the Amazon, need them more frequently than others). You’ll need plain water. Don’t add soap or any “special products” since the chemicals could irritate the skin and feathers.

As for what kind of bath—it varies from bird to bird. Some cockatiels like to swim in a bowl; others prefer a quick shower with a spray bottle, while there are those who enjoy taking a bath with their owners.

You may also encounter birds that don’t seem to want a bath at all. If that’s the case, do it gradually, using a spray bottle first, before introducing them to a bird bath. They will eventually get used to it.

Cockatiels Care and Safety-Clipping wings

Many cockatiel owners recommend clipping the wings of their birds. The obvious benefit, of course, is that it can’t fly far. This lets you set your pet free for short periods of time during the day, to let it get exercise and allow a change in scenery (birds get bored too, you know). And even with the best of precautions, it’s been known for birds to escape, especially when changing the food or water, or cleaning the cage. At least you know that if you had accidentally left a window open, it won’t high-tail it to the open skies.

Clipping wings will also protect the cockatiels, which won’t be able to survive on their own if they escape, and may even hurt themselves. Some mischievous birds may also get into trouble if they’re allowed to wander too far, so it’s really for their own good.

Cockatiels Care and Safety-Nails, beaks and feathers

You will also need to trim the nails of the birds, but it’s very rare to need to trim the beak (which gets worn down anyway when they feed or play). If you notice that you’re trimming either too often, bring your cockatiel to the vet—this may be a symptom of a health problem.

Cockatiels, like all birds, will groom themselves, often by running their feathers through their beaks. This is normal, as long as they’re not actually pulling them out. This disorder is called feather picking, and is a symptom of a problem.

Owners shouldn’t apply any ointments or salves on the feathers. This is as senseless and dangerous as dipping your pet into an oil spill.

Don’t forget to clean the bird’s surrounding environment as well. Cockatiels’ delicate respiratory systems can easily be damaged by exposure to hairspray, insect sprays, and even cigarette smoke. Don’t put the cage in the kitchen, either. Non-stick pans can emit a gas when heated—humans aren’t affected, but birds will be

You should also create a bird-safe room where your pet can explore when you let it loose. It should be free of ceiling fans, poisonous household plants, predators like dogs and cats (or very mischievous young children), and even mousetraps.