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Amazons care and safety

Amazons parrot standing on a wood stick

Amazons need regular baths, which prevent their natural musky smell from becoming too strong. You can soak the birds with a mister or even hose them down. Healthy birds will be able to regenerate the powder layer that keeps their feathers dry and shiny. If you notice that they still looked bedraggled several hours after their bath, call the veterinarian.

Amazons Care and Safety-Clipping and trimming

Some owners will clip the wings of their Amazon parrots. They are strong flyers and may escape, so this procedure prevents them from getting too far. That way you can let them loose in the house for an hour or so during the day—exercise which they sorely need to prevent obesity or depression. You may also need to trim their nails, though it’s rare to have to trim beaks. They will usually wear their beaks down from all their chewing. Overgrown breaks can be a sign of a health problem.

Amazons Care and Safety-Grooming and feather picking

The Amazons’ beautiful feathers don’t need oils or ointments. Just provide a healthy, balanced diet and they will “shine”. The birds will even groom themselves, and their constant preening will stimulate powder production (which is all they need to keep their feathers healthy).

Sometimes you may notice your Amazon parrots pulling a feather or two. This is normal if it happens only occasionally (for example, they have a new itchy blood feather) but call the veterinarian if they are doing it every day. This can be seen as a sign of depression or illness (for example, a skin infection or even a Vitamin A deficiency). Since excessive feather plucking can break the skin follicles, and cause permanent baldness, stop this habit immediately.

Amazons Care and Safety-Environment

Your Amazon parrot needs a clean cage in a clean room. Birds have very sensitive respiratory systems, and they can get sick if they are exposed to hairspray, insect sprays, and even cigarette smoke. They shouldn’t be placed in a kitchen, either, since they ca inhale the gases that are released whenever Teflon pans are heated.

You will also need a bird-safe room where your Amazon parrot can stretch its wings and explore without running into mishap. Take out ceiling fans, poisonous household plants, predators like dogs and cats. Be sure to cover any water containers like pails or aquariums to prevent accidental drowning.

You should also close all doors and windows whenever the bird is let loose. Hang a sign at eye-level to remind members of the household.