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Dog Training

dog with his mouth open

Dog Training

Dogs have long been proven to be great companions at home. But they will only know how to behave properly when trained to do so and you need to start at an early age.

Owners then need to spend time to teach their dogs what’s right to do and what not to do. Patience and attention are very important traits you need to have to be successful in puppy training.

As with humans, dogs can also get along with other animals including birds. Again, it’s in teaching them the right way to act in the presence of a bird that’s vital.

Proper supervision is also needed to keep your feathered friend safe at all times inside your home. If you have a parrot, you can actually teach it as well to speak your language.

As parrots have the ability to talk, it can even help you in training your dog do the basic tasks such as sit, roll or go out.

In terms of breed, there’s no particular dog that is naturally friendly with parrots. But a bulldog is one dog breed that can be easily taught to act in an appropriate way.

This breed has a natural protectiveness trait that’s normally shown towards children and animals. In fact, this trait will make them defend the little ones including kids when reprimanded by their parents.

Bulldogs have their own unique charm despite their tough look and may be the right breed for pet lovers who have a parrot at home. What you can do then when training your pet is to have the parrot in the area as well.

If you just bought the bird, make sure to get a cage and then introduce your dog to it.

Call out the name of your canine often so the parrot familiarizes himself to the sound.

Now every day when you see your dog attempting to reach out to the bird cage or barks at the bird, you give instructions such as leave or out right away.

Being the predators that they are, dogs will always have their hunting instincts and will go after a bird especially one that often moves around the house.

The canine may not eat your parrot but there’s a possibility that the bird could get hurt when the dog catches it and plays with it.

Remember then to keep the bird in a separate room if you want to free it for a certain period of time. If it’s in the bird cage and your dog is in the same room, you need to supervise it as well.

Having a trained dog in the house will give you the peace of mind you need while living with different animals. It’s a rewarding experience being able to teach your pets good behavior.

Keep in mind that in puppy training, you need to be gentle yet firm.

Avoid shouting and frequent spanking. Consistency is essential so your pet easily understands what you want him to do especially when it comes to your parrot in the house.