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Parrot Training

Basic Training

Parrots can be very fun pets to have. Like any pet though you need to train your parrot to exhibit behavior appropriate for your home. “Unruly parrots” often lead to unwanted and even abandoned parrots. Parrots though can be delightful when properly trained.
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Speech Training

A real talking parrot able to respond is what many parrot owner’s dream of. Parrots are excellent mimic due to their excellent hearing and their unique physiology. However, some parrots do not ever learn to speak. If you plan to buy a parrot solely for the purpose of training one to speak, then forget it.
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Prevent Screaming

Parrots are generally a delight. Some pet parrots though have behavioral problems. Of the common behavioral problems that parrots exhibit, screaming is perhaps the most annoying of all. As pet owner though, you have to realize that birds in general are noisy creatures. They like to vocalize to throughout the day for different reasons like communication, to warn others of danger, to celebrate the rising or setting of the sun. Parrots are no exception and are even more gregarious than some birds. So if you want a quiet pet don’t get a parrot or any other bird.
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Toilet Training

It is indeed fun to play with your parrot…until he poops on your shirt or on your head. Parrots though are intelligent birds and are relatively easy to toilet train. When toilet training a parrot you only need to consider four things: the frequency, tell tale behaviors, your chosen method, and the designated thing or place for defecation.
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Training Aids

Training parrots can be taxing and time-consuming. Even the best trainers and pet owners have to agree that though it can be fun it takes hard work and much patience. To help lighten the load various parrot training aids were developed.
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Stop Biting

Parrots are naturally social creatures and are fun to have as pets. Some pet owners however have problems when their pets bite. Among the three most common behavior problems in parrots, which are plucking, screaming, and biting, biting is probably the most feared by pet owners but at the same time is brought about by things that the owner does.
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Parrot Tricks

One of the greatest delights in having a parrot for a pet is seeing your parrot perform its tricks. Although some parrots learn a few tricks by themselves the norm is that a bird has to be trained to learn a trick. Many first time owners might find it surprising just how fun trick training can be.
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Training Mistakes

Let’s face it. Even with the plethora of parrot training advice sites, manuals, books, and videos out there many pet owners still have trouble training their parrots. Why is this so? It’s because while following the best advice many owners still commit a number of training mistakes.
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