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Parrot Care

Bathing & Grooming

All pets, especially dogs and furry cats, need regular grooming. Parrots, however, need it ten times more because it not only keeps them smelling, looking and feeling good, it also assures them of stable health and safety.
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blue parrot on a tree stick

Feather Care & Plucking

Baths are important for parrots primarily to keep their feathers clean and to encourage preening. Most parrots live in the rainforest where humidity is intense. Humidity helps the skin and the tissues of the respiratory system moist but it is the humidity that causes much discomfort even to humans.
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parrot flying with a towel

Feeding Your Parrot

Diet is a critical aspect of a parrot’s health as well as its overall happiness and well being. Being highly intelligent creatures, parrots require mental stimulation as the lack of it leads to the most common behavioral problems. In the wild, foraging and ferreting-out of food is one of the main activities that occupy a parrot’s time.
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beautiful parrot eating from a white cup

Parrot Toys & Treats

Toys are important to parrots because they help achieve two things: they keep the birds mentally stimulated and they provide some form of exercise that allows the parrots to expend their stored-up energies.
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parakeet parrot in a cage

Parrots & Humans

As guardians of our pet parrots, it is very important for us to help our parrots learn how to socialize with humans for two important reasons. First, because it will help them become well-adjusted, happy and friendly pets and second, because the possibility that our parrots will outlive us is quite high.
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big parrot standing on a women shoulder

Parrots & Other Pets

A lot of times, people who express interest in purchasing a parrot for a pet already have dogs or cats or even both. What stops them though is the fear that their dogs or cats will not be able to live with a parrot without harming it and vice versa.
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dog with a parrot

Wing Care & Clipping

A bird’s jointed wing provides both lift and thrust in its capability for flights. Wing tips twist like propeller blades on the down stroke to thrust the bird ahead. The length and the integrity of the outermost primary feathers directly influence the effectiveness of the thrust that the wing is able to provide while the inner wing provides lift.
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big parrot with an open wing

Parrot Safety

Parrots are wild birds. In the forests, they are in control of their surroundings. In captivity, they are helpless to determine whether their environment is safe for them to live in. Its our responsibility as their owners to make sure of that. We have to situate them in a place where they can live and grow happily and healthily with no threat to their well-being.
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parrot standing on a tree

Parrot Accommodation

The quality of the accommodation you extend to your pet parrot is so important because it will ultimately define its quality of life. Whether it will end up a happy, healthy, lively bird or an unhealthy, unhappy self-destructive pet is actually dependent on you and on the manner by which you set up its living quarters.
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Parrot Perches

Just as furniture is important to your home, perches are important to your pet Parrots living quarters because these promote health.
In its natural habitat, a parrot sits on branches and twigs all day. In order to simulate its natural environment and make it feel at home in its cage or aviary, it is important for you to install several perches inside your birds cage.
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two parrots standing on a stick