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Interesting Facts about Amazons

Amazons parrot standing on a wood stick

1.Weight watchers?

Amazon parrots have a tendency to become obese. Limit seed intake and let them loose for at least one hour a day so they can get enough exercise.

2.Grandpa Amazon.

These parrots have really long life spans, and can live up to 80 years or more. However, they can develop health problems as early as 15 years, dying well before their prime, if they have an unhealthy diet.

3.Hear ye, hear ye!

Amazon parrots are quite vocal…and loud. They are not the best parrots for apartment dwellers, since their screaming may irritate neighbors.

4.Beauty sleep.

Amazons need at least 10 hours of sleep a night. Keep their cage in a room where they won’t hear a lot of noise after seven pm. You can also cover their cage. Without sleep, these birds can get very cranky and even violent.

5.Stay back!

Amazons can get very moody during mating season. Blame it on the hormones, which increase their aggressiveness. Don’t pick up the birds when their eyes are flashing or when their tail is flared.

6.Columbus’ best friend.

Christopher Columbus saw the birds during his explorations of the New World. In fact, he is said to have given them the name ”Amazons”. He brought back parrots to Europe, where they became popular exotic pets.

7.Worth the price.

Amazons can cost anywhere from $800 to $1600.

8.Feathered Einsteins.

Amazons don’t just mimic words. They can name objects, count them, identify different colors, and even make comparisons (saying which ones are the same, which are different, which are bigger or smaller). Researchers believe they have the same intelligence of monkeys or dolphins.

9.Oldest Amazons.

The first parrot fossils date back to the Early Miocene period (about 16 to 23 million years ago). Fossils have been found in Australia and Melanesia.

10.Sensitive souls.

The yellow crowned Amazon parrots have a nervous disposition and may develop habits like feather plucking or tail chewing. However, this can be corrected with patient and gentle handling and a comfortable environment where they have plenty of room to fly and exercise. The yellow crowns are actually easy to breed and can be very affectionate with owners.

11.Natural clowns.

The Yellow Headed Amazon is the performer of the bunch. It is naturally outgoing and loves to talk, and is much “hardier” than other Amazon varieties.

12.Great talkers.

The Yellow Naped Amazon is the best taker, but it has a stubborn streak. They need constant training and firm but gentle handling.